United Way Unignorable Phone Case


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Compatible with iPhone 7, 7+,X and Samsung S8
From Peace Collective

As the gateway to today's communication, smartphones have become a social necessity. They can also remind people of their lack of social connections and this loneliness can be dangerous. Help raise awareness of the issue of social isolation to strengthen United Way's support of more than 2,800 programs and services that unite communities and provide the sense of belonging that everyone deserves.

United Way in Canada and the Pantone® Colour Institute have joined forces in a national campaign to help make local issues unignorable. With a shared goal of raising awareness of local issues that are often ignored, the organizations have come together to help motivate individuals to support their local communities. The Unignorable campaign, in tandem with the United Way’s ongoing Local Love campaign, aims to encourage people to act and address core issues affecting their local communities.

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