International Women's Day

Get your 2022 HERstory lapel pin in solidarity and sisterhood.

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March 8 Project – IWD 2022 LAPEL PIN AND POSTER

This is the twelfth year of the March 8 project. The project was developed by the OFL Women’s Committee to celebrate International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is HERstory!

It has been an unprecedented two years for everyone around the globe. The pandemic has exposed the hard truth that people getting harmed the most are the people already facing the worst inequities, especially women, who are predominantly our front-line workers, our lifelines. We are in a time of crisis and we need to reset our norms to focus on a system of care, a care society. Women are making HERstory everyday as sheroes during the pandemic. Celebrate women and their stories of survival, persistence and strength this International Women’s Day by wearing an OFL 2022 HERstory lapel pin in solidarity and sisterhood.

These pewter pins and posters are works of art that our members and community partners will value for many years to come. Both products are proudly union-made in Canada.

Manufacturing Process of the OFL's IWD 2017 Lapel Pins


If you have any questions or comments with regards to this project, you are invited to contact Sonya Yalda at the Ontario Federation of Labour by phone at 1-800-668-9138 or by e-mail at If you have any technical questions or comments with regards to the manufacturing of the lapel pins or the online ordering process, you are invited to contact Universal Promotions.